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  Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

So Why So Sad Depression Helpline
Slash 'N' Burn Urinary Infections Clinic 
Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart The Senate
4st 7lb Eating disorders clinic 
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Men are supressed we did not suppress them - To desire freedom is not enough- The liberation of life is bound up with the deconstruction of civilisation- Poetry comes out of the barrel or a gun- The PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION is the SEXUAL REVOLUTION
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Another one from this site.
Richey. It's Everywhere You Wanna Be.
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  I have to be totally enraged to do something.
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  Dana just called. She was telling me how much fun she's Having in London. coolness. She bought a lot of nifty stuff like the Theme From MASH Japanese import single! She thought of buying my KoRn figurines or a CD or a DVD, but she decided I'm 'All above that'. Bless her spirit.

I wish I could say something more venomous rather than being all smiley and kind.
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  My friend Laura sent me a copy of Everything*... It's in the mail. Finally I won't be able to tell people I haven't read it.
*A Manics bio.

I'm sorry for being excited over stupid things in the last couple of days...
It'll pass. :\
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  I've said it once- And I'll say it again- This site is amazing.
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  To recite 'Tsunami' as one of my favourite Manics songs. Rah


Dec. 21st, 2002 06:47 pm
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  I have to fill up my time until the Manic Street Preachers thingie on BBC Prime at 23:10. I don't want to. Went through my old pencil case, with papers I wrote in class almost three years ago. A lot of my old autograph with 'Blur' scribbled at the bottom. A lot of band names and smilies over notes I made @schooltime. Paintings- whacky punk eating a lolly, and one of a kute snail. The name 'Richey Edwards' is written in big pink letters over one paper.
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  I heard a rumor that the Manics will re-record Little Baby Nothing with Kylie. Please let it be true!
In the meantime, if you give a toss...
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  "MANIC Street Preacher Nicky Wire has quit his working-class Valleys 
terrace home for a plush mansion called "Kingsmore" in a Tory 

The Welsh band's bass player - whose songs include Masses against 
the Classes and Socialist Serenade - has moved into a large six-
bedroom home with his wife Rachel and four-month old baby girl Clara.

Nicky, 33, boasts about his working class roots and stayed living in 
his modest former miner's cottage in the Valleys village of 
Wattsville, near Risca, as the band shot to fame.

He even wrote a song called Wattsville Blues about the village - but 
has now bought the £500,000 luxury home in a Conservative suburb of 
nearby Newport.

Nicky, who has just released the band's greatest hits album Forever 
Delayed, left his old house for every middle-class family's dream 
home. It has top-security electric gates and tall hedges of the tree-
lined roads of posh Allt-yr-yn in Britain's newest city of Newport .

Local kids have dubbed the house "Manic Mansion" and spend hours 
hanging round to get a glimpse of their hero.

But Nicky now spends quiet evenings in and walks his dog on the 
neighbouring green - a far cry from the wild nights of partying he 
enjoyed after the Manics' early hits."
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   llusted_thefairykat: I got the NME originas. Again.
danapie_butterfly: How cool 
lusted_thefairykat: I know!
danapie_butterfly: whatcha gonna do with it?
lusted_thefairykat: dunno, maybe arrange Richey posters.
danapie_butterfly: awww, don't cut it!!!! 
lusted_thefairykat: Oh. What should I do?
danapie_butterfly: Sned it to me so I'd arrange some richey posters??? 
danapie_butterfly: nah, keep it!
danapie_butterfly: put it someplace safe, locked up in a closet, never to see the daylight!
lusted_thefairykat: Won't it seek revenge?
danapie_butterfly: I highly doubt it
lusted_thefairykat: U know, lack of sleep.../-:
danapie_butterfly: nono, a magazine can defeinitely seek revenge for such a thing, but for heaven's sake- a Richey magazine?
danapie_butterfly: I mean, we're talking aobut the man who went away SEEKING the quietness and aloneness.
danapie_butterfly: so there.
danapie_butterfly: you'll be highly appriciated
danapie_butterfly: and whatever you do- DO NOT CUT IT.
lusted_thefairykat: I see.
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I feel like bloodwriting it.


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