Sep. 3rd, 2016

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I might not know a lot about the genre, but I never understood the need to insult the authors myself. Reading this now. I think it's important to remember LGBTQIA people are not and have never been a monolith!
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Finding Love Through Bigfoot
Touching Narcissus - both by Jamie Fessenden
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I really wish to come across a spiritual doctrine that isn't about positivism, tone policing, repressing anger, and which doesn't only give answers about striving inside the existing power structures like the kyryarchy, and the heteronorm in particular (all the shiznit about family [kids] and 'one true soulmate'). We should worship how infinitely complex the world is instead (both in the physical sense and in the sense of being able to see our peers' life being as multi-faceted and 'messy' our own), how everything is crazy and chaotic and we're too small to see the big picture.

And also of course I wish white people (that includes me, I'm white people) didn't have to take ancient non-western beliefs and carstrate them so much and water it down to performing rituals that are supposed to be 'calming' (because God forbid we ever question authority! Especially New Age benefits some of the most privileged, comfortable people).

I've been let down and legitimately traumatized by the new age movement so much, I don't think what I wrote now is close to summing it up. This is really just an imporevement from not being able to say 'no' to spiritual abuse a few years ago.


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